Dave Schindele
Dusty Country Road
A piece of dusty country road
Dusty country road
Rollin' by that old farm Rollin' by
Something in those field keeps growin'
Even when flakes are snowin' from the sky from the sky

's a lady lived there long as anyone remembers
Rooted deep grown high
Her parents lived down that road
Used to raise the dust when they'd come and go
And the corn shake loose and fly

Many years ago they cut that road with a highway
Said you can't get back there from here anymore
But they don't know or go her way past the no way
The way stands clear as clear as before

If you're very lucky you may see your shooting star there
May you always follow where it's blazing
It may take you places impossibly far
And also impossibly amazing

And there is no time or distance
Vision has persistence
And everything you thought was gone goes on goes on
Down that dusty country road

One more pause to hold her
She throws a wave over her shoulder
And smiles and turns around and walks on down
Her piece of dusty country road
Lyrics Credits: Dave Schindele
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Short Song Description:
A loving tribute to my Aunt Esther Wicks, who's lived on the same farm alongside the same dusty country road since 1937. She is an amazing woman!
Song Length: 3:23
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
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