Dave Schindele
We're Getting Warmer
This is believed the year most odd since records have been kept
If I perceived the Olden Gods, I 'd swear the North Wind slept.

There's argument on argument, poles apart it seems
But as the whole debate heats up, the question fairly screams:

Where did Winter go? Oh, where is Jack Frost hiding?
Have I just blown all my dough on insulated siding?

The Weather Channel is no helpful climate change informer
All I really know for sure is, Whew! We're getting warmer.

Where did Winter go? Oh, where the snow and sleet?
Lay blame on global warming or at El Nino's feet?
Cyclic trend or drastic change, keep calmer or alarmer?
All we really know for sure is: We're getting warmer.

The personal's political, have you not heard tell?
Heat-filled debate, and while you wait, you get to get hot as hell!

Now, I don't lay claim, my friend, to miracle solutions
Perhaps to eat a bit more shame and poop out less pollutions...

Farewell 'til cooler heads prevail and this denial passes
Heads pulled awhile from sandy piles or at least from asses

When we have finally had enough indulging smarmy charmers
When we shall end our Blind man's bluff, 'til then:

We're getting warmer!
Lyrics Credits: Stephen Lee Rich, Dave Schindele
Music Credits: Dave Schindele
Short Song Description:
A fun collaboration!
Story Behind the Song:
Stephen's idea!
Song Length: 2:51
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: -